Design Development

The New School Project is now in the “Design Development Phase”. During this phase, the conceptual design details and features will be finalized. We invite community members to review these design details and provide feedback to the architect, Board of Education, and Municipal Building Committee. To help this participatory process, there will be public engagement forums held on September 26th @ 7pm, October 22nd @ 6pm, and November 19th @ 6pm at Huckleberry Hill Elementary School. Those unable to attend any of these meetings can email feedback to newschoolproject@brookfieldps.org.

The Board will be establishing a School Naming Committee. Be on the lookout for the opportunity to make suggestions for the name of the new school.

NEW SCHOOL UPDATE - June 5, 2019

With the passing of the referendum to fund the new elementary school and recent hiring of the Tecton Architects to design the facility, I write to update you on the next phase of the project and the process for public input and communication with the Municipal Building Committee/Board of Education.

· Public forums to provide input to the design professionals will commence this Fall. Specific dates are still being determined.

· Communication will follow the same effective process that we implemented prior to the referendum:

§ Any input and/or questions relating to the New School Project may be emailed to newschoolproject@brookfieldps.org. Procedural questions will be answered regularly. Specific questions and suggestions involving technical expertise will be forwarded to Tecton Architects for consideration. Please do not contact members of the design team directly.

§ Please visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bpsnewschoolproject for progress updates.

§ Updates, archived information, and FAQ’s regarding the school project may be found on the website: http://newschoolproject.brookfieldps.org/.

§ Below, please see chart of Design Phase Project Milestones: